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I can do that! 

That’s the spirit that led me to art school, landed me in the Army, and has guided me throughout my career in advertising. My enthusiasm helped me earn the title of art director, win the job of copywriter, and lead as a Creative Director.


Throughout my experience I've honed my craft as an illustrator, animator, writer and director. I speak fluent B2C and B2B, and wear both creative and strategic hats. As a result, I’ve created campaigns across categories for many of today’s leading global brands and have had the honor of creating many nationally recognized, public service campaigns as well.


Most rewardingly, that can-do, creative spirit has fueled the development of my own award-winning brand, @tinyconcert, where I direct animated music videos and content for artists I admire. 

Rolling Stone
“Meet the Artist Behind Pearl Jam’s
'Superblood Wolfmoon’ Video.”
“Pearl Jam team up with animator, Keith Ross, known for his homegrown @tinyconcert Instagram channel."
Alternative Press
“These Tiny Concerts will expand your playlist and musical awareness.”
Pearl Jam unveiled a ballpoint-pen masterpiece of a music video for "Superblood Wolfmoon"  thanks to DIY animator Keith Ross. 
Rolling Stone
"Farewell to 2020 in Animated ‘Goodbye Year, Goodbye’ Video"


"Pearl Jam Gets Animated For New Video, Superblood Wolfmoon.

Wharton School of Business, guest speaker  

"Building a Teen Brand From Scratch."

Advertising Week, panelist  

Why Bother? Sustaining a Teen Brand

Against All Odds.


4A's, guest speaker

How to Create a Teen Movement

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