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Come back to the vibe that comes alive in Jamaica

As a leader in tourism, Jamaica is well-aware of the restorative benefits travel has on its visitors. After two years of travel restrictions, routine quarantines, divisive politics and global uncertainty, Jamaica has come back to market as a solution to the world's collective anxiety. In this 2022 "Come Back" campaign, we're delivering a much needed message of caring by inviting the world to come back to being our best selves again in Jamaica. 

Curious Font

We developed a custom font that embodies Jamaica's lyrical voice and unique personalty. We call it Curious, because that's the vibe we aim to rouse when audiences see our ads.

Curious font.jpg


We developed a series of print, social and digital ads designed to inspire audiences to dust off their wanderlust and rediscover the things they like most about themselves. 



For the Love of Romance

Something wonderful happens when couples get married in Jamaica. And videos and wedding photos only tell half the story. The magic is in our people’s unique commitment to the occasion—the little things we do behind the scenes to make these moments exceptional.

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